#10+ Best LED Grow Lights – Reviews & Buying Guide For 2020

As we all know, trend for growing cannabis indoors is on its peak and hence importance and demand of some of the best led grow lights in 2020 has just spiked.

However, fact of the matter is technology is evolving everyday and it becomes hard for a common man to keep in touch with latest inventions. Yeah, it relates to market of grow lights too and hence selection of BEST changes everyday depending on “what new” we’ve on board.

But, don’t worry! We’re here to provide you best opinions for led grow lights that are not just part of everyday evolving market and technology but also best in terms of providing you genuine and fruitful returns.

Now, today, in this article we’ve compiled reviews of 10 of the best LED grow lights for growing cannabis indoors and we’ll be reviewing each product in as much detail as possible. Yeah, just for you.

Well, our selection of LED grow light in this list of reviews for people growing cannabis indoors in 2020 is based on various criteria.

Yeah, Our evaluation for each of these grow lights is based on various factors like cost of product, spectrum and performance efficiency, productivity in terms of yield, actual power consumption, intensity, cooling and much more.

Definitely, our aim is to provide you with best product that matches all your requirements so that you could grow your weed plants confidently.

As we can understand that all your preferrences might be different than others as indoor weed cultivation depends on numerous factors. But, we’ve covered almost everything on which your prime concern will be relying; yeah, it’s output and goals of better yield.

So, let’s get started with our compilation of best LED grow lights for indoor marijuana growing now.

Best LED Grow Lights In 2020

Here’s reviews of our selected top 10 LED grow lights for you. Take a look over each of them and then select one based on your primary goals and requirements.

#1. Advanced Platinum P900 900W LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

    • Wattage : 900W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

Advanced Platinum is highly reputed name for providing extremely durable LED grow lights to indoor gardeners. Well, their products might be costlier than others but it’s still worth it for performance and productivity.

First benefit of Advanced Platinum is that they are provider of professionally researched and tested LED grow lights for more money on average. Yeah, their products are not as affordable as some of others but none is able to compete it in terms of performance and result productivity.

Their products spread a wide full spectrum which is better than almost all other brands. According to their research, LED panels with just Red and Blue bands are resulting in a lot of deficiencies and health issues in your plants that we can’t see ourselves. So yeah, if you’re concerned more over yield and performance then quality of LED panel matters – And thing is just one of the unbeatable beast on market.

We’ve included Advanced Platinum P series P900 in this list because it’s capable of giving you a complete full spectrum lighting technology that just not include Red and Blue, but also other essential elements such as IR and UV. So yeah, with it, you’re going to get three times brighter and more intense light than other LED grow lights.

Also, by comparing this grow light with others on the market, we found that P900 provides highest PAR/Lumen output per watt than other LED grow lights.

Also, whole effect covers your growing indoor cannabis plants evenly, thank to complete 12 bands of wavelengths in its effect. Furthermore, the build and design of this LED grow light by PlatinumLED cuts down excessive heat generation and ensures that your plants are safer all around. And, lenses also does its job extremely well by delivering direct light for better absorption.

If we talk about heat, Advanced Platinum P900 features four high speed and quietly operating cooling fans which runs without break to avoid overheating issues and it also reduces the temperature.

Aluminium Heat sink also reduce Advance Platinum P900 LED light’s temperature on the body. Moreover, auto-adjusting power drivers which are made in USA and senses voltage automatically, makes it run automatically on available input power ranges in your grow space.

Also, with help of switches on this panel, you’re free to choose spectrum band accordingly without changing place or position of this grow light. Yeah, set of switches for Veg and Bloom phases are placed for more comfort.

Also, there are many small wattage variants available in Advanced Platinum Series. So, in case you’re looking for quality light but this is too big or not for your required coverage area then you could opt for other lower end variants in same series. Well, this grow light by PlatinumLEDs covers 4X6 feet of area and that’s the key reason we name it as a powerhouse in our list of 10.

And yeah, with this panel in your grow space, you could replace an 800W HPS system and with bloom mode this grow light only pulls 368W which is highly efficient in our opinion.

Above all, every variant in PlatinumLED Advanced Platinum series comes with a 90 days money back guarantee and 5 years warranty period. And yeah, P900 is not an exception for this policy from Advanced Platinum.

Well, based on all above plus points, these are the best led grow lights which are present on the market as of now with best possible performance.


  • Wider core coverage with more absorption rate.
  • Dual mode veg/bloom switch.
  • Highest PAR output per watt.
  • A Complete full spectrum light by PlatinumLEDs.


  • Pricing is stiff and not affordable for all yield concerned growers.

#2. G8LED G8-600 Mega 600W LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 600W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

“DormGrow” a highly reputed and trusted company that offers you products which are worth each penny you spend on it. With just 8 Bands these lights provides significant coverage and operated quiet efficiently.

Moreover, G8LED 600W is intended to provide uniform coverage for all the phases of your plant’s lifecycle. Yeah, significant penetration is the key element in their products which are researched professionally by experts.

Well, G8LED 600W is one of the best led grow light on market which penetrates more amount of light as your plant’s growth progresses. Additionally, they’re experimenting with their products continuously for best performance. Also, they recommend you to supplement your growspace and this unit along with a 90W special bloom booster which helps massively in getting healthier plants and resinous flowers. Well, there’s no more debate on it and growing lobby is adapting to their advice without any word in return. So yeah, it’s more economical and efficient compared to other combo LEDs.

Also, the G8LED G8-600 by DormGrow is a reliable product among some of others which offers extensive coverage and substantial penetration which is more absorbable. Moreover, 8-band spectrum does its job significantly well to even with plants that grow taller than expected.

DormGrow continues to innovate in the LED grow light industry. The company advises users to pair this particular system with 90-watt red bulbs during the time your plants are flowering. The idea is to boost the effectiveness of the lights in a cheap way, and many in the growing community swear by it. Either way, the system is effective on its own.

Moreover, the brand continues to evolve and current variant give a significant yield outputs which are verified by existing users. And yeah, appropriate care of cooling and heat management has been taken while designing this grow light.

DormGrow delivers their products with extensive warranty of 2 years so that their users could experience betterment of their plants without any worries.


  • Lights operates at unbelievably cool level
  • 2 years warranty for worryfree usage.
  • Coverage area is as mentioned by manufacturer.


  • For this price other brands are providing more power but those light lacks some incredible feature.

#3. Viparspectra Reflector Series V450 LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 450W
  • Power Draw : 269W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

In case, you’re looking to raise fewer plants in comparatively smaller grow environment then Viparspectra V450 is designed to fulfill your those needs perfectly. Yeah, it’s capable of covering small grow area of 2.5’ X 2.5’ and for this price you might find other alternatives. However, if functionalities of this grow light doesn’t seem extraordinary to you then you should go with those products as well. Yeah, this is highly affordable unit including all the essential elements of an ideal indoor growing full spectrum LED grow light.

The viparspectra V450 LED grow light spreads complete 12 bands of true light element which also possesses IR and UV in it. Moreover, with optical lens in combination with reflector panel it succeeds in maximizing PAR per watt significantly well.

This LED Grow light gives you more value for your money in an energy efficient way. Well, by consuming mere 269W it isn’t bad choice in our opinion. Yeah, as it still succeeds in reaching 655 uMol on PAR meter which is equal to a 600W HPS or MH HID. It means your growing environment will stay cooler as expected and will save you money by consuming less power. Afterall, a great return on investment looking at its initial pricing.

As we’ve aimed to include uniformly compatible products in our list, Viparspectra Reflector series V450 is also compatible for all phases of your plants growth. Yeah, two separate mode switches are present on the panel for effectively swapping between required color wavelength.

Also, inclusion of cooling fans along with warm reducer sink is very logical and ideal in our opinion.


  • Offered in middle size range.
  • Best choice for beginner indoor cannabis cultivator.
  • A complete spectrum for indoor marijuana plants.


  • Coverage is suitable only for novices.

#4. Mars Hydro 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 300W Actual
  • Power Draw : 132W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

Mars Hydro is an all around known name for their economic and affordable LED grow light. Well, they’ve made this reputation with high quality and reliable products along with satisfactory aftersales support. Yeah, these are key factors making them stand out on the market.

Safest, easiest and most efficient product from Mars Hydro can’t miss a place in our review. Yeah, Mars Hydro 300W LED grow light is a result of design team who’ve focused on safety and user experience by separating warm reducer heat sinks from integrated circuit on this grow light. So yeah, this separate design is to ensure that in case any single element goes out of service, whole unit shouldn’t pay the price.

MarsHydro 300W LED grow light is created basically for newbies and small coverage expecting indoor cannabis growers, which is why it doesn’t focus that much on quality. However, for the price it’s definitely worth it. And, we forget to mention that even at this price level they’re providing 5W epistar diodes on their panel which is impressive in our opinion.

A complete full spectrum light effect with immense brightness is just unbeatable at this pricing. And yeah, for beginners it’s ideal choice as being cost effective this grow light is capable of reaching out to the deepest levels of your plant canopies.

But ironically, due to lower brightness we won’t recommend MarsHydro 300W unit for more than two plants in your growing environment.

Also, quietly running cooling fans are way more efficient than our expectations. And it definitely makes this unit last longer periods of time.

Also, this grow light is highly energy efficient and cost effective for uniform growing experience. It only draws 132W in reality while in opearation.

Furthermore, more than 1500 positive feedbacks are reported on a single shopping platform which is great to be honest.

This extra ordinary beginner’s LED grow light by MarsHydro also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty for hasslefree and worry eliminated user experience.


  • Quality Diodes.
  • Plant oriented Blue:Red ratio.
  • Uniform suitability for indoor growing cannabis.


  • Small coverage.
  • Chinese manufacturer.

#5. Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 900W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

Another product from same brand Viparspectra. Yeah, all for a good reason. In fact, its design team makes every effort by keeping growers segment in the mind and it’s imaginable in the quality of their products.

So, why we’re including Viparspectra V600 600W LED grow light near the top of the list?

Well, it’s packed with ample of features at highly affordable price. For instance, the Viparspectra V600 has a programmable timer in it. This is highly convenient option for anyone who’s expecting moderate observation in their grow space.

We’ve also listed the Viparspectra V300 here. The primary difference between the Viparspectra V300 and V600 options is their coverage area.

We’ve also included V300 in this list for reviews of best led grow light. Well, key diffenrence between this two models is coverage caliber of respective variants.

So in case, you’re planning to cover up only two plants then V300 is made for you. But, for higher coverage expectancy we highly recommend you V600 600W Full spectrum LED grow light by viparspectra. Additionally it costs less to buy a single unit of V600 than buying two separate V300 units so for all moderate sizing expectancy we love this variant in general.


  • Included Timer
  • Remote programmed unit.
  • Massive coverage for the size and efficiency.


  • It’s for intermediate growers and might not match needs of professionals in some aspects.

#6. Viparspectra V300 300W LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 900W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

A bigger segment of firs timers in indoor marijuana growing are choosing Viparspectra Reflector Series V300 for its price. This LED grow light offers a lot more benefits in a decent area at this pricing. Yeah, indoor for couple of plants this LED panel performs significantly well.

V300 by Viparspectra spreads light effect including 12 wavelengths, which represents much of the spectrum along with most essential UV and IR effect. This grow light is blue, means it promotes short and bushy plant growth in initial to middle phases while growing indoors. This also means it’s a perfect fit for vegetation and seedlings.

Well, it’d be wrong to mention that Red band is absent in its effect, as its there but not in much quantity which we count as ideal for blooming.

However, people expecting multiple grow phase or more of red colors for their plants should chain this panel using daisy port with other red major. Doing so, you’ll be improving both; efficiency and PAR intensity.

Viparspectra Reflector V300 features 90 degree focal point for its diodes and it’s ideal to obtain coverage of around 2 feet by 2 feet without any issue. Overall, during vegetation this grow light provides above mentioned coverage and it decreases to 1.5’X1.5’ during blooming. And you’ll be hanging light at 22” and 18” respectively during both the phases.

Also, Viparspectra Reflector Series V300 300W LED grow light is capable of replacing traditional HPS horticulture lighting system of 250W. In fact, it’s so energy efficient that you’ll notice 60% decrease in power bill once you make a shift from HPS to LED. Yeah, its actual power draw is only 136W for efficient working.

This reflector series 300W LED grow light also features a superior heat management system which comprises of an aluminium warm reducer sink along with cooling fans. Moreover, this cooling and air flow systems also helps it to run around 70% cooler than old fashioned HIDs.

Viparspectra V300 is labelled for 100,000 hours of lifespan, which is around 8 to 10 years in your grow space. Anyway, according to our sources and survey we found that in reality it operates at maximum half of their claimed lifespan.

But yeah, they’re providing warranty for 3 years along with 30 days money back; so you’re covered for any malfunction within this time range. Be assured!

Also, their customer hospitality and service is mind blowing and they’re prompt in responding so you won’t end up waiting for their response to your query. Even for refund claims, they don’t even ask a single question and they process it promptly.


  • Awesome price for a quality product.
  • Reliable and trusted brand.
  • Dense and highly absorbable light.
  • 12 band spectrum for true effectiveness.


  • Small coverage makes it limited to beginners.
  • Actual lifespan is almost half of their lab tested and claimed lifespan.

#7. Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 300W LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 900W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

The main reason for inclusion of Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series 300W in this list of best led grow lights for indoor growing is its RED:BLUE ratio. Yeah, its spectrum comprises 7:1 ratio of RED:BLUE which is best for flower development and heavier yield returns from cannabis plants during flowering phase and it also affect potency of the buds.

Moreover, Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300 Watt LED grow light is certified by CE and RoHS certification authorities. Given the build quality, in addition to lifetime consultation for the product along with two years warranty. Also, if you’re strapped for the funds and want to start indoor grow anyhow then this product is one made for you.

Coverage caliber is an issue in this unit to be honest as if you’re planning to grow more than two plants in single grow space then you’ll require to joint two Galaxyhydro 300W with help of Daisy chaining function in it. Well, that’s very user friendly to do and makes it real inexpensive and cost effective choice for a beginner.

And yeah, spectrum and intensity by this unit isn’t a waste as for this price they’ve providing a lot more than our expectations.


  • Easy to connect multiple LEDs with help of daisy function.
  • Fabulous and reliable after sales support and service.
  • 7:1 Ratio for RED:BLUE.


  • Small coverage potential.

#8. Ledgle 300W LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 900W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

And now, Ledgle 300W LED grow light walks the line, just as a cheap yet an effective light that’s worth the money people invest on it. For this reason, it’s a new favorite and great value product for many indoor gardening beginners.

This LED grow light by Ledgle features an 11 band spectrum which produces blue, white, IR, Red and UV light. This grow light operates at 300W and comprises two separate modes for two different phases of any plant’s lifecycle.

Also, this unit has a built-in cooling system to keep things balanced and on track while performing at its best.

Ledglet 300W LED produces extremely bright light and helps your indoor cannabis plants grow at its best but only in limited sizing of 1.5’ X 2’. TO grow more plants at a given time, you might need to combine multiple units with help of daisy chain port given on the led grow light. However, be assured this practice is completely safe and many have adopted it in their day to day growing job.

Even after providng some supreme features which are only seen on high end premium products, like switches for separate mode swapping. This lets you improve your credibility as an indoor grower and helps in leaning a lot by providing freedom to test various parameters of light supply to your cannabis plants. Yeah, even in a small sized grow space.

In general, for thos who are not sure whether they really want to start with indoor cannabis cultivation or just want to give it a try, this unit doesn’t ask for a lot of money and its quiet affordable for everyone so just bring it home and start with it.

Definitely, Ledgle 300W LED grow light is best option for you out there if you don’t want to spend all in at the time of beginning.


  • Larger diodes.
  • Dual mode operation made easy.
  • Lower pricing.


  • Picks up heat after longer usage time.
  • Not on higher energy efficiency level.

#9. Advanced LED XML350 Diamond Series LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 900W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

For our love towards AdvancedLED diamond Series XML350 key element responsible is its versatility. It gives your plants more than 14 wavelengths and multiple setting on the board to test and experiment with. So, in case, you’re concerned about best match according to your strain’s requirement for every stage of indoor growing then this is most versatile option out there for you to be honest.

Also, the coverage area for this price is totally worth it, however, this units can still be daisy chained if required if you’re a large scale growing enthusiast. In fact, the same cable connector is capable of handling up to four LEDs at a single point of time.

Another advantage from this high end LED grow light is its made in USA product and features a truly longer lifespan. It operates at significantly cool level and exceptionally quiet.

And yeah, commitment from brand for the quality and real performance make it win a chance to get selected in our list of best led grow lights for cannabis growers.


  • Multiple settings including veg, bloom and even clone.
  • Operates quietly and runs cooler at expected level.
  • Reasonably massive coverage.


  • Actual coverage doesn’t meet claims by the brand.
  • Cost is a bit at higher end compared to quality they actually provide.

#10. Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light

Important Specifications

  • Wattage : 900W Actual
  • Power Draw : 368W
  • Coverage Up to : 6’ X 4’
  • Spectrum : Complete Full Spectrum + IR + UV

“Kind LED” the brand that’s succeeds in winning hearts of indoor gardening communities with its power and performance. This award winning LED grow light by Kind named as a model KXL1000 and its worth each penny spent on it and its indeed one of the best LED grow light out there for growing weed indoors.

However, for many; price is a main problem as it doesn’t fit to all budget range.

The Kind LED K XL1000 truly competition beating product with help of its level of customizable spectrum. Yeah, its 12 band complete spectrum isn’t just programmable but it also experimental in terms of lighting brightness. For a real indoor grower, it’s a boon as they won’t require to ping it back and forth for a single reason of matching plant’s actual growth.

Depending on strains, you require different wavelength and different level of intensity from your led grow light, so if your strain are asking for some variety in your gardening rotation then this is the best fit. Yeah, it let’s you adjust color wavelengths, brightness level and white level too. With this unit you could definitely achieve better quality buds and higher yield in our opinion as we’ve many people in touch with us who’re using this grow light in their grow space.

Also, it offers a generous 5’X5’ footprint for covering but still it operates at an exceptionally quiet level. Yeah, you are not suppose to deal with heat and unnecessary stuff, as Kind LED K XL1000 is doing all the job for you.


  • Top of the line diodes.
  • Completely programmable
  • Remote controlled and allows to test various level of brightness and wavelengths.


  • Pricing is stiff yet it’s worth it.

Things to Consider Before Buying An LED Grow Light

If you’re concerned about criteria to keep in mind before making a move for consideration of any grow light as one of the best led grow light then we’ve got your covered.

Actual Requirements of the Plants

Light quality and supply impacts massively on your indoor growing plant’s growth in reality. Some plant requires highly intense source of lighting while others get burnt with a little. So make sure you’ve confirmed level of required light and intensity for your strains before making a choice for LED grow light.

But yeah, a full spectrum grow light will help you and your plants in ensuring maximum growth and best possible health. Ideally, LED grow lights in general comprises of blue and red wavelength in its brightness which is best for plants during vegetation and blooming respectively. Moreover, some units also features UV and IR which are responsible for boosting various processes like cell building, leaf building, germination etc. And, in case you’re confused or not familiar with your strain’s light requirements and needs then we suggest you to go with a unit like Kind K XL1000 which lets you dim the light intensity along with wavelength.

Power and Energy Efficiency

In general, LED grow lights are more energy efficient compared to HPS and MH systems. These grow lights are also durable and runs at very cool level without any additional cooling system in place. So, overall they put low amount on the bill for grabbing a great grow. And, when we grow with an artificial light which is gonna operate for at least 18 hours a day this matters a lot.

Moreover, higher end units require more power to operate but not in proportionate level. Yeah, for instance if you take a 600W and a 300W unit then 600W’s actual power consumption will be even lower or near to actual power consumption of 300W unit.

Control and Customization

Remember that you’ll be changing the lighting cycles depending on the growth stage to ensure that your plants thrive:

Seedling stage: 16 hours on/8 hours off

Veg stage: 18 hours on/6 hours off

Flowering stage: 12 hours on/12 hours off

Customization and Controlling

As depending on plant’s lifecycle we need to supply with best possible light. But, thing we need to keep in mind is we’re supposed to deliver at list minimum amount of light to them which is as mentioned below.

  • During Seedling It needs to run 16hrs ON & 8hrs OFF.
  • During Vegetation it needs to run 18hrs ON & 6hrs OFF.
  • During Blooming it needs to run 12hrs ON & 12hrs OFF.

And yeah, as light’s operation time decreases intensity of light needs to be maximized and hence you need to have appropriate controlling on hand like mode switches or dimmers.

Sizing of Grow Room Setup

Don’t bother with manufacturer’s claims especially regarding coverage space. Yeah, your LED grow light system simply has to cover minimal and your expected range of area.

So remember, if you’re using hydroponic systems for cultivation, you’ll need access to right amount of power and water supply for that system as well as right choice of lights too. This may demand some planning in smaller space but after all needs to be projected smartly.

As well, if you’re selecting a light which is not in our selection then we advice you to go through existing customer’s reviews on the real coverage potential of that specific LED grow light. As occasionally many claims by brands are false and reality can be seen in their reviews.

Balancing Budget with Right Product

Yeah, a bit sore but truth is this. We need best product all the time no matter what’s our budget. So, everytime balancing right quality of product with the budget on hand becomes a bit trickier for almost everyone out there.

Reality is, high end units are definitely a powerhouse and produces best results but they’re too costlier and not affordable for everyone. While, lower end units lack some features and even some key and essential elements within its quality but they’re affordable for everyone.

So, depending on your budget you’re supposed to make your goals and marks for achievement. Sometime going a bit on higher end proves to be worth it when we see actual results from our plants.

Always remember, it’s not marketing on what you’re supposed to get impressed; but it’s quality that should impress you. So, now comes the point “How to evaluate quality of one of the best LED grow light?”

Well, we’ve got you covered and for evaluating quality you’re supposed to follow this guide smartly.

Just consider this things are primary concerns for your decision making process and you’re good to go.

A Complete Full Spectrum

When we say a complete full spectrum we implicitly mean that light effect comprises vital bands of wavelength from 380nm to 840nm. This also includes blue, red, white, orange, IR and UV which are usually found in real sunlight. Yeah, these are most essential color bands concerning your plant’s growth.

Also, full spectrum lighting is best alternative for those who’re still copping up with ordinary HPS and MH systems. So, yeah, this matters the most if you want best yield from your cannabis plants.

Energy Efficiency of LED

Energy efficiency should be your second concern after spectrum. Yeah, it too matters the most as most of ordinary lights used to suck a lot of power which was resulting less in light and more in heat. So, you’re not supposed to grab a unit that sucks a lot of power from outlet.

Also, LED grow lights are going to be operational for at least 10-12 hours of the day so this is another reason to be concerned about it.

Anyway, LED grow lights in general tend to suck less power and hence it’s highly advised to stay sticked to this option if you’re really expecting cost savvy tool in your grow space.

More Control Over Grow Space

We meant you should be free to observe without much of interaction with panels. Yeah, if your panel is featuring more controls and customizations then that’s a great thing to have as you’ll be disturbing your plants very less time.

It also improves light quality and makes your plants healthier and greener as expected.

So, always aim for an LED grow light that provides at least dual mode switches to provide your plants with light they crave for. Also, this lets you deliver right kind of light based on their requirement during a specific phase of lifecycle.

PAR/Lumen Output

This is ideal and most required factor as with time your plants will be getting taller and at that time light needs to be reaching out to the deepest level of canopies.

So, higher the PAR/Lumen output better the penetration and more boosted process of photosynthesis. So always ensure that your LED grow light is capable of delivering best possible level of PAR output on the meter. Yeah, it’s essential to ensure denser and intense light for your plants that reach to each branch of the cannabis plant.

Coverage capability

Another elemental factor to look after is coverage. Yeah, depending on your overall goals from your indoor grow space you need to supply required level of light but not in more than the level of your LED panel’s capability.

Moreover, product descriptions and claims by many manufacturers are not up to the mark. Yeah, many are lying for quick buck by sells. So always ensure that you’re picking up right unit and ensure twice before making final call.

However, we’ve concluded few things based on trial and error method of testing and we’ve found a general rule of thumb to obtain a specific area to cover. Yeah, here’s basic rule of thumb which you could take as a reference while making a choice.

  • Wattage 30-50W = 1’X1’
  • Wattage 60-90W = 1’X2’
  • Wattage 100-200W = 2’X2’
  • Wattage 200-600W = 3’X3’


Lastly, thing to look after is pricing of an LED grow light. Yeah, a truly exceptional LED grow light is definitely available at every budget range. You’re just supposed to do your research accurately. Well, we’ve done that for you and you’re free to pick any one out of our list of reviews for best led grow lights in 2020.

However, a professional grower always look after quality so ensure before making a move that you’re not compromising on quality for the sack of budget. Yeah, best things definitely comes at a price but it also depends on what price you’re not paying off.

Primary Types of LED Grow Lights

Unlike other traditional grow lights, LEDs have many subordinates within its segment. Yeah, there are some basic types of LED grow lights that you should be familiar about to obtain one of the best for your indoor growing venture.

Standard LED Grow Light

reviews of best led grow lights for weed

Classic traditional light with smaller diodes with lower to medium range of wattage. Though, they’re placed in a way to produce significant spectrum. These LEDs are usually compact in sizing and have lightweight.

Majority of units available on the market are following under this category.

COB LED Grow Light

cob led grow lights

They’re Chip-on-Board LEDs. Yeah, they combine multiple diodes at a single substance to form a single light array with massive power.

This grow lights tend to pull more power but they’re massive concerning intensity. So, for plants craving for intense or denser light this is ideal choice.

Moreover, this COBs are placed in a scientific way on majority of boards so that it could form significant amount of light and get spread evenly over plant canopies.

Also, in this kind of grow light spectrum is maintained effectively so only drawback is from power efficiency point of view and rest of all is better than others.

Spreading LED Grow Lights

spreading spyder LED grow lights

Diode placement on spreading LED grow lights are in more of a spider web style. Yeah, this LEDs make use of quantum board and tend to have low wattage diodes on it.

Moreover, light distributed by these panels coveres a massive area but it’s less denser than ordinary LED grow lights and hence neglected by majority of indoor cannabis cultivators.

Though as an supplementary LED this is best choice for anyone looking after an extra panel in their grow space to balance light leakage in old fashioned grow tents.

Frequently Asked Questions for LED Grow Lights

Here we’ve curated some of the frequently asked questions by our readers as well as some of the members of communities we’re part of. Let’s take a detailed look over our researched answers now.

Are LED Lights any Good for Cannabis?

For anyone growing weed indoors, LED grow lights are best option out there. Yeah for different stages of cannabis plant’s lifecycle this lights do tremendously well job. So yeah, this grow lights are not just good for cannabis but it’s indeed best out there.

Moreover, LED grow lights tend to be more user friendly so it also makes it easy to use for anyone who’s just starting with indoor cannabis growing.

Are LED Grow Lights worth the money?

Well, if you’re buying one of the best led grow lights from the market then it’s definitely worth the money. But, if you’re opting for a cheap led grow light that work then it just works but you might not get return on your investment on the time.

Why LED Grow Lights are better than other traditional grow lights?

There are multiple reasons behind its win among other traditional grow lights which includes cost effectiveness, control over whole grow system’s lighting, power efficiency, temperature balancing and density of light that your plants seek most of the time.

Are LED grow lights really better than HPS Systems?

Yeah, it’s true that LED grow lights are better than HPS systems because traditional HPS systems used to pull more power and generate more heat which was resulting in harm to plants sometimes. However, with LED grow lights both of these drawbacks has been taken care along with betterment in other aspects of indoor grow lighting. So, all in all, LEDs are truly better than HPS systems.


We hope you’ve liked our curated list for reviews of best led grow lights in 2020. Now, all you’re supposed to do is take reference of our given buying guide for selecting right kind of LED grow light. Make a list of your primary concerns, go through our list of products, find couple of best match, and compare both of them and then make a move. You’re good to go with.

However, in case, you’re not capable of doing so or confused even after doing it then best option which fulfils all ideal requirement of an indoor grower with a best budget is advanced platinum series P900. And for those who’re expecting a low budget but best led grow light should opt for Viparspectra V600 without any doubt. We’ve tested both of these products in our lab and we’ve found significant results from both the products; given that we’ve filtered them based on their pricing.